In this engaging interview, Adele Jones delves into her recent works Immortal Mistake and Integrate (ed.2), revealing how she weaves contemporary social issues into her captivating science fiction narratives.

What do you love about writing sci-fi books? 

The hook that launched me into writing sci-fi novels was the question “What if science could?” For me this opened a world of creative possibilities, however, I wanted to present these possibilities in a way that made the reader feel like it could happen, here and now. For this reason, I settled into the “near science fiction” niche of this genre, leaning towards “hard” sci-fi, which emphasises scientific accuracy based on scientific/technical details. My stories read like a modern-day novel, whilst taking readers into a world that isn’t yet scientifically possible, but feels like it might be. 

Does your writing process change for each of your novels? Or do you follow a similar process?