Content Reviews Perspective

It could be said that book reviews can be incredibly helpful when deciding which book to read. They can provide valuable insights and information about a book's content, style, and overall quality, helping you make an informed decision. So that we can focus on insightful reviews we look at the following concepts in our reviews:=

Summary of Content: We include a brief summary of the book's plot, main themes, and characters. We have a long and short review. Please note our long reviews often contain spoilers!

Genre, Topic and Themes: We try to include genre, topic and or themes where appropriate in our book reviews to help you gauge whether a book fits into your reading preferences or that of those you recommend books to.

Critical Perspective: We aim for our reviews to offer critical insights into the content and concepts involved in each book. We aim to focus purely on what's in a book and keep our content insights to fact statements so you can curate your own collection.

Growing your collection with books you choose: We hope our reviews can help you avoid investing time in books that might not suit.

It's important to note that our reviewers do their best to, they are subjective and based on the reviewer's brief. We aim to note a lot of detail in our reviews and we hope to catch everything in a book, if we miss something you think we should add feel free to contact us.