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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I subscribe? We will offer you over 6000 reviews with 700+ more reviews added per year. Our reviews are different as we will include content information that helps schools decide what books are the ones you want or need in your library.

I am a Book Curator member. What will I get? By arrangement with The Book Curator, all current Book Curator members will receive automatic, complimentary membership on Novel Insight, through to June 2024, by completing this form

I am not a Book Curator member, but I would like to sign up. How do I do that? Please use our sign up form and fill out the New Member form.

I am from an international school. How does this work? Our subscription price of $149 is Australian Dollars. You are welcome to subscribe. While a lot of our books that we review are Australian and New Zealand books we also review the popular content from around the world. Prices for other countries:
Australian $135.00 (no GST)
As an Australian company the best way to pay will be via credit card or paypal, details will be provided with your invoice.

Will the reviews be same as The Book Curator's were? The essence of the reviews is the same. The goal to provide insights into each book, so you know exactly what to expect, however the format will have some differences. We have a short and long review of each title. Short reviews do not contain spoilers. We have separated out some of content insight into different categories. We are still providing insight into fiction that might be read in your school.

What about Standing Orders? We are offering a flexible ordering service based on the Agile Membership provided by The Book Curator, but there will be no order cut-off dates - you can order reviewed titles at any time. Find out more here. If you are interested in signing up to this ordering system please put a note in the sign-up form and we can call you to discuss the best options for your school.

If you would like a specific standing order that automatically comes this is not what we do and there are a number of great companies in Australia that offer this service. In our flexible ordering you need to pick what you want. This can work in conjunction with other company standing orders or as extra ordering.

I want to email someone for a question not yet answered. Can I do that? Sure please email and we will aim to respond quickly for you! If you would prefer a call back we can do that as well.

What about past reviews from The Book Curator? These are part of our database.

How do you get your reviewers? Authors, editors, librarians, dedicated book reviewers, bookstore workers are part of our review team. Reviews get books complimentary as well as credit for other books in return for the reviews. As we expand we would love to have more reviewers and if you are interested in participating you are welcome to find out more here.