Learn all the juicy insights into Pepper Masalah's third adventure, Pepper Masalah and the Giant Bird.

Bringing the Carpet to Life: Rosanne Hawke

Coming out in November is the third book in Pepper’s series — did you originally intend Pepper Masalah to be a series? How did you come 
to the decision? 

I originally thought of Pepper Masalah being a series as I could imagine her having lots of adventures on the carpet. I could also imagine young children being excited to collect Pepper’s adventures. I had one idea of writing the stories and putting them together in a book but then I thought it may be too daunting for younger readers to read at once and a story at a time would be something 6-9s can handle. Zam wasn’t in my original planning, but when I told a class that the first story had been rejected, a boy said I needed a person on the carpet too. He said he’d like to do something exciting like that. 

How did you originally develop the idea for the Pepper Masalah series?