School Memberships

School Memberships

We offer a school wide access to our review database with content insight into what's in the book. Things like: language, levels of sex/sexuality, religion, violence and other comments that might be of interest to help YOU decide what is in your school library.

Membership includes access for all staff at your school for our full review database. You can also request new reviews to be completed and follow our author articles and industry news.

You will receive regular emails with featured reviews, articles and author interviews.

A school membership is $149.00AUD inc GST per year. All teachers can have access using the same school account. School Members must sign up by contacting us and completing the form below. We will then provide you with a username and password for this site to view all premium content and for our review database. If you are school that needs to pay by credit card please click here.

We can also help with book purchasing if you would like with our flexible ordering for school. If you are interested in ordering books based on our monthly reviews you can opt into two options:

1) We will send out regular order forms based on recent reviews and fill from our local bookstore contact.

2) You can opt in for a Flexible pre-paid membership. Find out more here ...

Or: Order through your favourite local bookstore or standing order company but use our reviews to sort your books.

Complete this form below and we will be in contact: